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OFFICES, LIVING/DINING AREAS, BEDROOMS:.  garbage removal, regular dusting of ceiling fans, light fixtures, ceilings and walls as needed, door frames, baseboards, quarter-round; dusting and as-needed stain removal on doors, blinds, and window caps/ledges; top-to-bottom dusting/polishing of all furniture surfaces, microfiber polishing of glass surfaces and device screens; rotation and straightening of sofa and chair cushions; changing/making of beds; vacuuming and deodorizing of rugs and carpets; sweeping/dustmopping/vacuuming (as appropriate) and microfiber damp-mopping of hard-surface floors

​BATHROOMS:   as detailed above, garbage removal, regular cleaning of heights, light fixtures, corners, doors, window fixtures, baseboards, and quarter-round, floors; descaling of toilet jets and under-rim area; scrubbing and sanitizing of bowl interior; degreasing, polishing, and sterilizing of bowl exterior, toilet seat. lid, and tank; as-needed degreasing and sterilizing of surrounding floor, cabinet, and wall surfaces; scrubbing/sanitizing of shower/tub walls, ledges, and floors; descaling and polishing of fixtures; descaling and polishing of shower door frames and glass; mold removal in drains and other areas as needed; polishing of tub exterior; microfiber polishing of vanity mirrors; degreasing and polishing of vanity countertops; as-needed degreasing and polishing of cabinet/drawer fronts and pulls; as-needed descaling and mold removal on faucet spout and hardware, then polishing of same; degreasing and polishing of sink basin

KITCHENS:  garbage, heights, doors, window fixtures, and floors, as above; regular dusting of cabinet tops, degreasing and polishing of cabinet/drawer fronts and pulls, as needed; degreasing and polishing of countertops and backsplashes; dusting/polishing of refrigerator top, sides, and front, including descaling of water and ice dispenser areas; descaling and mold removal/sanitizing on faucet and sprayer spouts, as needed; mold removal/sanitizing in drains and disposals; degreasing and polishing of sink basins and fixtures; degreasing and polishing of microwave interior and exterior; dusting/degreasing of range hood top and underside; scraping, degreasing, and polishing of range top and front 

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